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When Should I Complain?

The Commissioner of Canada Elections encourages anyone who believes an offence has been committed under the Act to contact the office. Individuals who wish to submit a complaint are urged to do so as soon as possible following the alleged offence and should provide as much detail as possible to support their allegation, including any supporting documents.

Under his mandate, the Commissioner can only address complaints related to federal elections. For this reason, the Commissioner cannot pursue complaints related to electoral events in other jurisdictions.

To assist you in the complaint process, please select a category that best describes your issue.

Did You Know?

The Commissioner of Canada Elections is the independent officer responsible for ensuring compliance with, and enforcement of, the Canada Elections Act (the Act) and the Referendum Act.

The Act defines and regulates activities during the writ period and the Commissioner and his staff work to ensure that political entities, third-party organizations, stakeholder groups and other individuals engaged in the electoral process do so in compliance with the rules.*

*Note: The Commissioner of Canada Elections is responsible for ensuring compliance with and enforcement of, the Canada Elections Act. If you are seeking clarification or an interpretation with respect to a particular section of the Act, please contact Elections Canada.

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