About Compliance Agreements and Undertakings

The Commissioner of Canada Elections is responsible for ensuring that the Canada Elections Act is complied with and enforced.

The Commissioner has the authority to conclude a compliance agreement with anyone the Commissioner believes on reasonable grounds has committed, is about to commit or is likely to commit an act or omission that could constitute an offence.

Compliance agreements are entered into voluntarily and may contain any terms or conditions that the Commissioner considers necessary, including a requirement that the contracting party pay a specified amount.

An undertaking is a pledge made by a person or entity that did not comply with a requirement of the Act and accepted by the Commissioner. It is aimed at ensuring compliance.

An undertaking may be entered into at any time before the person or entity has, or should, in accordance with the Act, have paid an administrative monetary penalty. It contains the terms and conditions that the Commissioner considers appropriate, including that an amount be paid.

In order to maintain transparency, and as required by the Act, both compliance agreements and undertakings are made public.

A more detailed explanation of these tools can be found in the Compliance and Enforcement Policy of the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

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