Policy for the Administrative Monetary Penalties Regime of the Commissioner of Canada Elections

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Goals of the Policy
  3. What is an Administrative Monetary Penalty?
  4. Applicable Violations
  5. Rules Governing Violations
    1. Continuing Violations
    2. AMP and Prosecution
    3. Limitation Period
    4. Liability
  6. Types of Violations
    1. Calculating the Amount of the AMP
      1. Examples of Penalty Amount Calculations
        1. Issuance of Receipts
        2. Contribution Limits
        3. Prohibition – Use of Foreign Funds
        4. Appointment of Chief Agent – Failure to Provide a Report
        5. Voting while not qualified as an elector
  7. Issuance of a NOV
  8. Requesting a Review of an AMP
  9. Publication of the AMP
  10. Undertaking
  11. Payment and Recovery of Penalties
  12. Annex A – Categorization of Violations under the Act
  13. Type A Violations
  14. Type B Violations
  15. Type C Violations
  16. Type D Violations
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