When Should I Complain?

Status of Members of Parliament

A Member of Parliament does not retain their status when Parliament is dissolved for an election.*

Constituency offices may remain open during the election period to provide services to constituents, but may not be used for election-related purposes.

There is no basis for the Commissioner to take enforcement action where a person who was a Member of Parliament at dissolution describes him or herself using the title "MP" or "Member of Parliament" during an election campaign. This is because the Act does not generally control the content of election advertising, except for some provisions such as the requirement for an authorization statement ('tag line').

*Under the Parliament of Canada Act, a member of the House of Commons prior to dissolution is deemed to continue as a member until the date of the general election for the purposes of certain types of payments such as their sessional allowance (i.e., salary) and various reimbursable moving, transportation, travel and telecommunication expenses that the House may have prescribed for its members until the day of the general election. 

(for related items, see Elections Advertising – Content, Authorization or Tag Lines)

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