Commissioner of Canada Elections Annual Report 2021

Appendix B – Financial Tables

The CCE derives its financing from two sources. It is funded in part by an annual appropriation, its voted authority, which covers the salaries of its employees occupying indeterminate positions. The CCE also has a statutory authority that allows it to draw directly from the Consolidated Revenue Fund for all other expenses including: salaries of determinate employees and payment of contractual resources, other expenses incurred for carrying out investigations, etc. The statutory authority ensures that the CCE has access to the funds it requires to carry out its investigative work while maintaining complete independence from the government.

Appendix B – Financial Tables
Appropriated funds Unappropriated funds TOTAL
Indeterminate salaries Other remuneration Other expenditures  
$3,377,255 $1,482,049 $1,324,783 $6,184,087

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