Commissioner of Canada Elections Annual Report 2021

Written Opinions, Guidelines and Interpretation Notes

Under the Act, the Commissioner is required to provide comments on draft written opinions, guidelines or interpretation notes proposed by the CEO. The CCE has 45 days to comment on the drafts of guidelines and interpretation notes, and 30 days to comment on draft written opinions. When the opinion, guideline or interpretation note is officially issued, the CEO must publish the comments received from the Commissioner and from registered parties on the draft version.

During 2021, the CCE provided official comments on seven guidelines and interpretation notes that were circulated for consultation to the registered parties and the Commissioner:

  1. Participating in Third Party Campaign-Style Events During Pre-election and Election Periods;
  2. Irregular Transfers Between Affiliated Political Entities;
  3. Political Financing Handbook for Nomination Contestants and Financial Agents;
  4. Political Financing Handbook for Electoral District Associations and Financial Agents;
  5. Political Financing Handbook for Candidates and Official Agents;
  6. Political Financing Handbook for Registered Parties and Chief Agents;
  7. Canvassing and Campaigning in Residential Areas and Public Places.

Guidelines and interpretation notes deal with the application of a provision of the Act to registered parties, registered associations, candidates, and/or leadership or nomination contestants (referred to collectively as "regulated political entities"). They are issued for information purposes only and are not binding on regulated political entities.

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