Commissioner of Canada Elections Annual Report 2022

Looking ahead…

Ongoing work related to the last general election

As stated earlier in this report, the work to ensure that the Act is complied with and enforced is an ongoing process that extends well beyond an election period. This exercise will continue in 2023 and beyond, with a view to resolving as many files as possible before the next general election.

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Preparing for the possibility of an election in a minority government context

In a minority government context, an election could be triggered at any time.

This context means that the CCE needs to be properly equipped to deal with this possibility. The CCE must strengthen its capacity to respond to the increased requirements associated with a general election, including a significant increase in the volume of complaints, and to stay informed of, and prepare for, new developments in the public environment. Preparing for an election requires a great deal of planning and resources, and has a considerable impact on a micro-organization.

An election could also require the office to delay handling some files stemming from the 43rd and 44th general elections so it can deploy all necessary efforts to fulfill its mandate through the 45th general election.

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Adapting to respond to current and future challenges

The CCE will continue her efforts to attract, recruit and retain staff to respond to emerging issues in the public environment and to be ready in the event that a general election is called. Investments will be required to ensure that the organization has the tools and resources it needs to respond effectively to the current environment, in terms of physical facilities, staff recruitment and the modernization of IT systems. These are measures that will be critical to the organization’s success and its ability to deliver on its mandate to safeguard Canada’s democratic system.

In addition, whole-of-government cooperation will continue to be vital to address the issues currently before Canadian authorities and mitigate the risks. To this end, the CCE will continue to build electoral readiness in part by strengthening partnerships and collaborative relationships with various stakeholders, both within and outside government, that also play a role in safeguarding the integrity of the electoral system. The possibility that the Commissioner could issue recommendations for legislative amendments would also align with the objective to be better equipped to respond to current and future challenges.

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