Commissioner of Canada Elections Annual Report 2018-2019

Looking Ahead

Ongoing Work Related to the 43rd General Election

The CCE continues to receive complaints after the election period has drawn to a close. Legislative timelines — particularly those related to political financing — also mean that referrals from Elections Canada may be received years after the election period. This presents particular challenges in a minority government context, where files from the 43rd general election may not have been received before the 44th general election is held.

Recommendation Report

As part of the amendments to the Act adopted in 2018-2019, the Commissioner is required to produce a report containing recommendations for legislative amendments that, in his view, are desirable to ensure better compliance with, and enforcement of, the Act. This report, which will appear as an annex to the CEO's recommendation report, is to address areas falling within the Commissioner's enforcement and compliance mandate.

Use of AMPs and Undertakings

The CCE dedicated significant energies during 2018-2019 to the creation of the unit to support the new regime of AMPs, which came into effect on June 13, 2019. Newly drafted policies surrounding the regime were the subject of public consultation earlier in the year and are now available on the CCE's website. It is expected that the system will become fully operational by June 30, 2020. As with other formal compliance and enforcement measures, and as required by the legislation, the CCE will publish information concerning the AMPs that have been issued and the undertakings that have been accepted on its website and via its social media channels.

Continued Electoral Readiness

Historically, the tenure of minority governments in Canada fall short of the four-year fixed term set out in the Act. The CCE will continue to build its readiness capabilities in order to ensure it is prepared for an electoral event prior to 2023.

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